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Mission Statement

Texas A&M Off-Road is a student run organization that welcomes anyone who is interested in four-wheeling. We hold bi-monthly meetings, plan off-road trips, help out the community of BCS and multiple other activities through-out the school year.
More Information
We welcome anyone interested in four-wheeling,(student or non-student) even if you don't have an off-road vehicle. We have members with everything from 4-wheelers and stock Jeeps to fully customized off-road machines.

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Spring 2017 Events

1/25/17: First Meeting of the Semester @ Sam's Club

2/1/17: Second Meeting of the Semester @Rudy's BBQ

2/4/17: First Run @ General Sam's.

2/15/76: Third Meeting of the Semester @Rudy's BBQ

3/1/17: Fourth Meeting of the Semester @Rudy's BBQ

3/4/17: Volunteer Opportunity @ Sid's Shop

Spring Break Week Possible Runs

3/10/17 - 3/12/17: Second Run @ RWP

3/17/17 - 3/19/17: Third Run @ Big Ben

3/22/17: Fifth Meeting of the Semester @Rudy's BBQ

3/25/17: Fourth Run @ Hidden Falls.

4/5/17: Sixth Meeting of the Semester @Rudy's BBQ

4/19/17: Seventh Meeting of the Semester @Rudy's BBQ

4/29/17: Fifth Run @ CRAWFORD

12/7/16: Spring Semester End of Year Meet @TBD

All dates and events are subject to change

How to Join

The best way to join is to attend one of our meetings, which are held every two weeks. The first meeting of the month is held at 8:30pm inside Rudys. The 2nd and possibly 3rd meetings of the month will have varying times and locations. Check the calender for more details. We can give you more information about the club, and give you the password to create an account on the forum. If you cant come out please emailpresident@tamor.org.


Dues are $25 dollars a semester, or $40 for the whole year. This gets you access to the forums, a t-shirt, some great friends and a great time wheeling.

Contact Info

If there are any questions email president@tamor.org, or come out to a meeting